A-Z Industrial Automation

As a CDN company, Exile Automation is a full-service industrial automation company that focuses on start to finish solutions. Our full suite of services encompasses all aspects of automation, from manufacturing to control systems to integrated SCADA, DCS, PLC, HMI, and RTU solutions. We recognize that our clients’ needs are diverse, so we’ve built an agile business model that allows us to adapt to those unique needs and improve overall operational efficiency.

Our Services

  • Control System Design
  • Electrical Design
  • PLC/DCS Programming
  • SCADA/Host Configuration
  • Systems Commissioning & Startup
  • Training & Documentation
  • FAT Testing
  • HMI Configuration
  • RTU Programming
  • Communication Networks
  • System Maintenance
  • Field Audits
  • Control Panel
  • Fabrication
  • Project Management
  • Procurement

Your Partners For Industrial Automation

Exile Automation is setting the industry standard for cutting-edge industrial automation solutions. We have extensive experience in a range of industries, including Oil and Gas, Water and Waste Management, Food and Beverage, Manufacturing, and Agriculture. We’ve worked with clients both locally and internationally, and we know how to navigate the challenges facing each of them, customizing our services and approach accordingly. We’re confident that our automation services can help to reduce costs, increase productivity, enhance asset performance, and above all, prepare your company to function and thrive amid an ever-changing and evolving technological world. We strive to provide the best possible service. Our business depends on it, and so does yours.


Health & Safety Come First
At Exile Automation, we ensure a focus on maintaining a culture of safety resilience and reliability. We comply with all applicable Occupational Health and Safety regulations and apply reasonable standards where regulations do not exist. We also subscribe to several contractor safety management systems, and we’re proud to feature COR certification through Enform.