Improve Your Industrial Communications

Our communications department specializes in land-based radio and cell phone networks. Our aim is to help you improve your remote industrial communications through the use of the latest and best technology. We customize our approach and solution based on the terrain and necessary equipment. Following a thorough analysis of the requirements, we see the project through, from design to installation to commissioning with ongoing support and maintenance.

Our Services

  • Communication Systems Design
  • SCADA Optimization
  • Mobile Network Design & Deployment
  • CSA and Non-Engineered Tower Support/Deployment
  • Wired & Wireless Networks
  • Two-Way Radio System Design
  • Cost/Benefits Analysis
  • Objective Audit & System Assessment
  • Licensing & Compliance Audit
  • Ongoing Maintenance & Support

Your Partners For Industrial Communications

At Exile Automation, we offer agile turnkey solutions for industrial network and communication projects of any size or complexity. We have extensive experience in a range of industries, including Oil and Gas, Food and Beverage, Manufacturing, and Agriculture, and our services are comprehensive and scalable according to individual needs. We make recommendations for your communication system based on the information we collect through system audits and detailed operational assessments. Regardless of your needs, we’ll deliver a solution that works.


Health & Safety Come First
At Exile Automation, we ensure a focus on maintaining a culture of safety resilience and reliability. We comply with all applicable Occupational Health and Safety regulations and apply reasonable standards where regulations do not exist. We also subscribe to several contractor safety management systems, and we’re proud to feature COR certification through Enform.