Given Exile Automation is a CDN company, CDN Controls’ ESG strategy and Indigenous partnerships include the activities and services offered by Exile Automation.

CDN’s Approach to Environmental, Social, and Governance

As a service provider, CDN has an active role to play in the continuous improvement of ESG performance within our sub-sector and more broadly within Industry. As a part of the supply chain for industrial organizations, CDN’s focus on ESG enables our clients to highlight their efforts in partnering with service providers who are well aligned with their ESG values. Elements of ESG have been deeply ingrained in the way we conduct our business for years, with our history of Indigenous partnerships and community engagement. More recently, we have committed to formalizing this through our ESG strategy and public disclosure with our inaugural 2020 ESG report. We are proud to continue this journey with an annual ESG report going forward.


Our ESG vision at CDN is as follows:

To transform the way our industry delivers services through Indigenous partnerships,
innovation, inclusiveness, social responsibility, and community collaboration.


To achieve CDN’s vision, our ESG approach concentrates on four pillars of success, each consisting of specific targets that will help drive the transformation of our business and clients we serve. 

  1. Reconciliation – We commit to playing an active role in advancing reconciliation through the creation of partnerships with Indigenous communities that provide shared value, and supporting new economic opportunities with Indigenous peoples.
  2. Local Communities – We position our branches and teams locally to maximize value within the local communities and regions that we operate within
  3. Climate Change – We will contribute to emissions reductions, through inventory and reporting of our own internal emissions, and via our services and technical skill sets to provide clients with solutions to meet their own reduction targets.  
  4. Diversity and Inclusion – We will foster a sense of belonging and act with respect within our Teams, recognizing each individual’s unique traits and ensuring we all have the same opportunities to succeed in our organization.

Guiding Principles

To achieve our Vision, we are guided by the following principles.

  • We will incorporate ESG considerations into all of our company’s decisions.
  • We will continue to integrate ESG into CDN’s corporate culture.
  • We will work with our clients, employees, Indigenous partners, community partners and our external network to implement our ESG strategy
  • We will hold ourselves accountable as we deliver on our commitments.


How We Succeed

CDN’s ESG strategy provides a formal approach to addressing ESG, creating enhanced benefit and minimizing risks for our clients, their investors, and our community partners. Ultimately, our success will come from continuing to integrate ESG into the way we do business each and every day.